Health & Wellness Program

Saturday Academic Academy

Sewing Classes

The Newberry Foundation also offers 3 sewing classes: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Classes are taught and facilitated by the in-house seamstress, Stylist Rita B, a professional seamstress and designer. Special guest designers and quilt makers are also highlighted and featured at various classes.

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The Newberry Foundation's Adult Education Program allows guests to access our computer lab to complete online school work and work towards a higher education. They also get assistance with resumes and as job research.  This program provides relevant life skill aids such as mock interviews and tutoring for those in need.

The After School Tutorial Program

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The Community Garden is an introduction to highly nutritious meals as well as cultivating  organically grown vegetables. In addiction, educational materials on nutrition and health are provided. The Newberry Foundation's Gordon Street Community Garden is also located in Hawkinsville, GA.

Sojourner Douglas Leadership Summer Camp

Our Saturday academic academy is a half day academic centered program that further supports an enriched development for the community's youth. Focus is on life skills and career driven studies with relations to academic subjects are highlighted during these classes. The classes taught by local volunteers and a healthy lunch is provided.

African American History Classes

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Adult Education

The African American classes are weekly one-hour academic course taught by Mr. Julius Johnson, Founder of The Newberry Foundation. The course expands on the history of the African American experience in the United States from early the 1500's to present.

Our Health and Wellness Program is a weekly class which applies a holistic approach to health and wellness which emphasizes mental, physical, and spiritual balance..This program also offers community events that provides health screenings to the public to bring awareness to various health issues.

Sojourner Douglas Leadership Summer Camp is an intensive 3-month full-day summer enrichment program targeting school aged children. The summer camp emphasizes academic excellence with life skills and vocational training.

Our Programs

Community Garden

The Newberry Foundation's after school program is held Tuesdays thru Fridays 4pm-6pm. The program caters to school aged children in of academic tutoring with an emphasis in science, technology, engineering, and math. We also have other programs including African American studies and political science.